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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

CherryTraffic is a "New World" Surfer. A Must Have!

Become our affiliate and upgrade. We choose where we place your ads. When you become our affiliate and upgrade we will do the following to help you be successful:
  1. Display your banner 125,000 times
  2. Display you're a splash page for this site 125,000 times
  3. Display your text ad 125,000 times
  4. Click HERE to fill out form for contact information before paying for upgrade.

Just look at how this TE operates;
You *always* get 0.5 site credit and 1 full banner credit while surfing CHerryTraffic

PLUS 50 site credits and 100 on an occasional solo ad. WOW~

It's worth a minute to check it out NOW.

500 credit bonus below

I highly recommend a lifetime upgrade on this site. Maryann who is the owner is quick to pay commisions. I have been paid commissions by Maryann 3 times in the past. Enjoy!

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